Sunday, March 20, 2011

Relief Society Commemoration 2011

Each year the sisters of the Illinois Nauvoo Mission have met on the second floor of the Red Brick Store in commemoration of the organization of the Relief Society. Each year a different program is written as a re-enactment of the events that transpired on March 17, 1842. This has been a highlight of my mission as I have attended the re-enactment twice while here in Nauvoo.

The sisters dressed in modern clothing were part of the program representing a RS presidency of our day and age. We were gathered outside of the carriage shed to load the wagons and go down to the Red Brick Store. Many hours of preparation went into this program. It was very well done. I am sure that many hours of preparation took place to prepare for the organizational meeting of the first Relief Society.

The evening of the commemoration was a very comfortable evening. It was a warm day. As we rode to the Red Brick Store, one of the sister missionaries gave a commentary on what was taking place in Nauvoo at the time of this meeting. It helped us modern day sisters to reflect on what it must have been like back then. I am sure many of the sisters that attended the organization of the RS walked to the Red Brick store. They had many responsibilities in their homes that we now have appliances and many, many conveniences to help us do our work.

This is the view of the temple as we went down Partridge St. What an amazing accomplishment it was for the early Saints to complete the Nauvoo Temple. The RS sisters played a great supporting role by sewing shirts for the men working on the temple. They also collected pennies, $10,000 worth, to help the funding of the temple.

Elder Lamar Taylor from North Ogden, Utah played the part of Joseph Smith. Joseph took a five dollar gold piece from his pocket and gave it to Emm, the newly elected RS President, and stated, "All that I have to give to the poor, I shall give to this society."It is a privilege to be part of this organization that is still in existence 169 years later!

The wagons are unloaded in front of the Red Brick Store. The organization of the RS took place in the upper room of the store. It is a humbling experience to sit in that room knowing all that took place there. Not only was the RS organized there but some of the first endowments took place there also. Joseph Smith's office is on the upper floor. He received some of his revelations there.
There is a fun gift store on the main floor. Lots of fun memorbilia of the early days of Nauvoo. The Red Brick Store is owned and run by the Community of Christ church. Whenever I have been in the store, they have made me feel very welcome.

After the commemoration was over a group picture was taken of all those who participated in the program and those who attended. It is hard to get everyone's attention as all are wanting to visit. What a happy group!

Just before we loaded the carriage to return to the Vistor's Center, the two of them met at the road to pick us up. The wagon on the left cut across the grass. Just as these two wagons are meeting to take the sisters on to their next assignment, we can look at this point in our lives as a crossroads of the many opportunities to serve others. We can be empty or we can fill our lives with great job as we do the work of angels--"the errand of angels is given to women and this is a gift that as sisters we claim to do whatsoever is gentle and human to cheer and to bless in humanities name."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter in Nauvoo - Fun in ElPaso

On February 2 Nauvoo had a big snowstorm that dropped 15-18" of snow with high winds. The historic sights all closed and there were no plays or meetings held for the next two days. This is how it looked after we got back from ElPaso - about a week after the snowstorm.
The school where many of the pageant activities are held.
Any of you who have come to Nauvoo and stayed at the condos, this was certainly a different sight from what you saw!

A path clearned to the cars after the snowstorm.

Glenn and I recently spent a long weekend in ElPaso with Kevin, Stefanie, Rylee and Sophie. We were hoping for some warm weather but instead we found freezing temps, broken water pipes in their home and flooded floors! Before we left the temps were warming and things were returning to normal at their house. In spite of all the excitement we had a great time!

We drove to the White Sands National Park which is in the Desert about 90 miles from El Paso. We could only drive partway into the park because the road was closed because of snow! We did get out and walk on a boardwalk and Kevin and Rylee had a snowball fight. At times it was hard to tell the sand from the snow!

Grandpa and Grandma ventured out for a walk with the girls once it started getting a bit warmer.

We even spent some time at the neighborhood park.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas at the McMinns

Guess it's about time to get back to the blogging!
We had a great time at home in Pocatello during the Christmas holidays. Kevin, Stefanie and girls and Kristen, Craig and family were with us on Christmas morning. Brian and Tiffany and family came on Christmas day. We loved spending time with these families as well as Rob and Jeff's families. We had one big party for a week!
Here are a few pictures from our get together.
Sorry Christmas morning pictures come before Christmas eve!
Christmas morning with Rylee & Sophie.

I lightened the picture but it didn't save. Sorry! The Campbell grandkids peeking to see if Santa had come.

Christmas morning at the McMinns.

Christmas Eve Nativity with the grandchildren.

Janelle, Sylvia & Stefanie

Glenn, Kevin & Stan

Christmas Eve family gathering.

The mission teamsters were giving sleigh rides one afternoon this past week. We decided to take a break from the office work and go for a sleigh ride. It was fun!! As you can see it was a beautiful day, cold but pretty. They took us through some fields on the flats.

These horses are so big. Once we were going the direction of their barn, they took off on a trot. They knew where home was!

After our sleigh ride we couldn't resist stopping and taking a picture of the temple!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kevin's Graduation

Big smile at the end of the last day of school!!!!!

Graduation night


The girls with Grandpa.

Last night when the sunset was reflecting on the temple.

Glenn and I drove to Denver and spent Tuesday thru Thursday with Kevin, Stef and family. Kevin's graduation from his orthodontic residency was Tuesday evening. What a great celebration! Ten years of college behind him and a graduation certificate in hand!!
It was a very nice evening. We are proud of Kevin and Stefanie for this accomplishment.

They are moving to ElPaso, Texas where Kevin will be working for a large orthodontic group. Hopefully we were a little bit of help with some packing and cleaning in preparation for their move. They had packed most of their belongings in a container which was picked up last Monday. They had no furniture left, just lawn chairs and a few other basic items.

Thanksgiving dinner was at Maggiano's Italian restaurant. It was a wonderful dinner served family style. They had a Thanksgiving Day menu with a five course meal. It was quite the memorable Thanksgiving dinner!

We had a great time playing with Rylee and Sophie. Rylee has an imagination that doesn't end! We played princess, farm and Pretty Pretty Princess game. Sophie is constant motion and very entertaining to watch her mimick everyone and everything. We were so glad to be able to spend a few days with the family.

We are back in Nauvoo now. John and Peggy Ricks are here for a week to work with us on preparations for the 2011 pageant. Yes.....we are well into the plans for next summer!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great days in Idaho!

I guess it is about time that I get back into the Blogging! We had a great 5 weeks back home in Pocatello. Our time at home was a combination of family time and pageant work. Nice to be able to do pageant work from home!
Thought I would tell you about our trip home with pictures -- so here goes!
This picture was taken the day before we left Nauvoo. This is the group of missionaries leaving the mission during October. (60+ missionaries) Sorry it's not a bigger picture. We right in the middle.

We stopped in Denver on our way home and spent a few days with Kevin, Stefanie, Rylee and Sophie. While Kevin was at school, Stef, the girls and Glenn and I drove up a canyon to a mountain lake. We went to leave and found out that the road would be closed for 1 1/2 hrs for construction! We threw lots of rocks in the lake, walked the parking lot and hopped in and out of the car in between rain showers. Quite an adventure!

Sophie - 13 months

Rylee - 3 yrs.

Getting acquainted with our newest grandchild - Tyson Glenn (2 mos)
He is Jeff and Maja's 4th child.

Here is little Brianna - 6 months. Such a happy little girl!
Kristen & Craig's 6th child.

Maja planned an afternoon of "A Minute to Win It". Kev and Stef were the only family not there.
It was great fun! Notice who has the most Ding Dongs!!

Another Minute to Win it activity. The kids loved this!

Glenn hit the Salmon River the day after we got home!

Glenn & Ryan had a good day of fishing at the American Falls Reservoir.

Another great day of fishing at the Reservoir with Kyle and Rob.

We roasted hot dogs at Brian and Tiffany's home while we were visiting in Layton.
Kristen and Craig's family were there also.

All our family was home for Halloween weekend except for our Denver family.
Pumpkin carving in the garage was a big hit!

Halloween! Quite a group of grandkids. It was a crazy, fun night!!

One sad "Banana" - Tyson.

Kyle had his 12th birthday while we were home. We were able to be present when he was ordained a Deacon. What a special day!

The beautiful fall weather ended just before we left to come back to Nauvoo.
This is what it looked like from our back deck when we left.
We are planning to be home for Christmas! It is nice to be serving as volunteers now. It gives us the freedom to come and go when the pageant work allows.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farewell Nauvoo - Temporarily!

A tradition in the mission is for the departing missionaries to create a Farewell Sheet that is put in all of the missionaries' site mail boxes. Even though we are returning to Nauvoo in November, Pres. Ludwig wanted us to go through the "farewell" process because we will be released as missionaries. There is a farewell breakfast Friday morning that is attended by all of the missionaries honoring the missionaries leaving during the coming month. There are 65 missionaries leaving in October! Talk about mass exodus! Pres. & Sis. Ludwig host a dinner at their home for the deparing missionaries after a temple session with the same group. This will also be on Friday. We are sad to think that so many of our good missionary friends will be gone when we return in November. It will almost be like starting a new mission.
When we return in November we will be doing the same work in the pageant office but as a member of the temple presidency rather than full time missionaries A new couple will be ready to replace us as the pageant missionaries in April.
Our Farewell Sheet - kind of hard to see clearly with this small view.

The temple missionaries have been so good to include us in some of the activities. Last Wednesday a group of missionaries arranged for a tour of the Community of Christ sites led by Lochland MacKay, the director of the C of C Visitors Center. We were invited to join them on the tour. We have become acquainted with Loch as we have had some pageant business with him. He is a wonderful person and so knowledgeable about the historic sites in Nauvoo. We enjoyed the tour and would encourage any of you who come to Nauvoo to take time to go on the tour. It includes the Mansion House, the Nauvoo House, the Smith Homestead and the Red Brick Store.
(sorry! can't get ride of the underlining)

Touring the Mansion House

Lochland MacKay, director of the Community of Christ Visitors Center outside of the Nauvoo House.